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  • Ian Dawson

Beyond the Circle

Le Commandant Charcot in the High Arctic (Ian Dawson)

Embarking on voyages aboard Ponant's icebreaker 'Le Commandant Charcot' has been a cornerstone of my adventurous work as Photo Ambassador, guiding me through the breathtaking landscapes of the Arctic and Antarctic. Each year, I've navigated between the polar extremes, immersing myself in the pristine beauty of these regions.

This winter brings an exhilarating twist to this journey, with the vessel embarking on a unique series of new voyages set in the high Arctic. From the jagged coastlines of Norway to the ice-covered reliefs of Spitsbergen, dive into the heart of landscapes lit by powdered hues and set off in search of the spectacle of the Northern Lights and into the boreal forests, snow-covered valleys and the sea of ice in the St Lawrence River.

All promise to be spectacular and challenging photographic journeys. If you are eager to accompany me, please see my sailings here. Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch

Aurora Borealis above Le Commandant Charcot (Ian Dawson)

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