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On Top of the World


We see many fine sunsets here, unique in the splendour of their colour. No doubt the surroundings in this fairyland of blue and white do much to increase their beauty."

Roald Amundsen

North Pole - Copyright Ian Dawson

August starts with two explorations into the ice of the Arctic Ocean as far as the Geographic North Pole onboard Le Commandant Charcot. The ever present midnight sun plays with your sense of time, and the passage through the sea ice is a fascinating journey of ever-changing texture, colour and light that is impossible to tire of.

In 2022 we witnessed eight polar bears as we progressed North. Mother's feeding cubs, others hunting seal and drying off after swimming across broad polynyas. The unknown is a key part of what makes each of these voyages unique.

I'll be updating my social media as often as satellite communications allow over the next several weeks, so please follow our progress on Facebook or instagram.

Polar Bear at sunset, Arctic Ocean ice edge - Copyright Ian Dawson

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