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  • Ian Dawson

Antarctic Ambassadorship

I was very honoured to be included in IAATO's inspiring group of #AntarcticAmbassadors recently. A wonderful collaboration of people who care passionately about Antarctica and who play their own small role in conserving its unique landscape, flora and fauna.

Love and respect the region,

Educate by sharing experiences,

Advocates for Antarctica.

Protect the region by making changes at home.

It’s the belief that Antarctic expeditions, with responsible and robust environmental practices at their core, create a greater understanding of the environment, Antarcticas value to global science and how changes to the frozen continent can impact us all.

If you are keen to find out more for yourself, your own school or college, have a look at the International Association of Antarctic Tour Operators website. Alternatively follow the Antarctic Ambassadors on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for inspiring posts and images.

Additionally you can contribute by participating in regular, achievable environmental challenges. January began with 'Going meat free for 1 week'. See the 'Ambassador Challenge Card' below or download it here for more ideas!

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