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  • Ian Dawson

Polar Opposites

It has been a remarkable year for Norð. As lockdown receded, new opportunities have taken myself, and the company, in new and exciting directions.

(Pictured at work on the ice of the Beaufort Sea , by fellow Ambassador Sue Flood)

Last September, I stood on the sea ice at the top of the world - 90 degrees North. A place steeped in legend, fought for by names long written into the history books. This marked the beginning of a strong partnership with an inspiring company on a truly unique vessel - Ponant's Le Commandant Charcot.

This September saw another 'first', the crossing of the Northernmost North West Passage> This achievement sits alongside the ships other accolades -The first French vessel to reach the Pole and the very same ship that navigated to the most Southerly maritime point ever attained, Bay of Whales, Ross Sea, Antarctica.

In posts to follow, I will expand on my role as Ponant Photo Ambassador, offer any advice gained through my experiences as a photographer in these hostile environments and highlight any new, inspiring destinations.

Thanks to Fujifilm, Gitzo, Lowepro & Norrona in particular who consistently make gear that just works in the most challenging locations on this amazing planet.


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