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Expedition Voyage Photo Essentials

A recommended photographers basic packing list for every adventure.

After several requests from guests and keen photographers, I thought it would be helpful to suggest a list of camera equipment to consider bringing with you on your next voyage. This will ensure you have the right equipment for any photographic opportunity gifted to you by some of the most inspiring destinations around the world.

(Shooting at the North Pole - August 2023 - Image courtesy of Sue Flood)

Whenever I travel, my phone is always in a handy pocket. I use it often, particularly for quick video clips. The quality of these devices constantly surprises me. Consider placing it in a protective case and bringing a hand grip, these have useful tools on several occasions. Phones have their limitations and a camera will open many, new creative doors.

Below is a short list of recommended equipment. This shouldn't weigh you down too much and is an 'airline carry-on friendly' selection of equipment for the enthusiast.

  • Camera bag & essential Dry bag! (Sea water and electronics don't mix well!)

  • Camera body of choice (SLR, Bridge or Mirrorless - add a second if possible)

  • Standard zoom lens (around 24mm - 70mm)

  • Telephoto zoom lens (100mm - 400 or 500 mm)

  • Memory cards (fast write speeds - 170mbs - 128gb storage) x 4

  • Batteries x 4

  • Polarising filter

  • Cleaning kit and blower (for removing dust and marks on lenses)

  • Card reader

  • A device to download images on to (iPad, Laptop etc)

  • Essential cables for charging and downloading - with a spare

If you have any questions or queries please feel free to contact me here, or on social media, and I will be more than happy to give you a little further advice. If you interested in joining me on one of my spectacular photographic sailings with Ponant, have a look at my page here.

Ponant Photo Ambassador - Ian Dawson

(Polar bear - North Pole - Copyright Ian Dawson)

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